This Is the Impact If You Consume Honey Too Much

Many people consume honey. This is because honey is known to have many benefits and functions that are good for the body. Many people maintain their health by consuming honey every day. in fact, many people already know about the benefits of honey water . You can get good body condition if you consume quality honey. You also consume it correctly.

Unfortunately, many people who don’t know that consuming too much honey can cause some health risks. Here are some risks if you consume too much honey.

1. Honey can increase blood sugar levels Honey has a lot of carbohydrates. Honey can raise blood sugar levels. Insulin production in neutralizing blood sugar levels if honey is consumed by healthy people. However, for people who have diabetes, an abnormal increase in blood sugar can occur. So, honey is not recommended for people who have diabetes.

2. Honey can cause dental problems Honey contains 82 percent sugar and honey can increase damage to the teeth. Honey has natural sugar levels as a component, however, the sugar content is easily attached to various parts of your mouth. usually, honey sticks to the teeth because the teeth have high viscosity. Honey can help bacteria in the mouth so that these bacteria form acids that cause erosion in tooth enamel.

3. Honey can increase weight Honey can increase your weight. this happens because honey has a fairly high fructose. Too much fructose causes obesity and health problems. High sugar content can also affect the liver system.

Even though honey has many functions for the body, you also need to know the right dose to consume the honey. You shouldn’t consume too much honey because honey can cause various problems in your health.

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