These Are Things You Must Know About Striped Car Paints

Painting a vehicle body like a car to make it look new and good is not an easy job. It takes expertise and tenacity during the painting process, because not a few reprinting processes are carried out not on the expert, but reaping the results of painting that is not perfect and maximal and there are many disadvantages, one of which is punctured car body paint. Some things are underestimated but actually very important, namely painting on several separate parts, such as fuel tank caps. Very often cases such as the results of painting between the car’s body and the fuel cap panel are not the same, and look striped. Such events really need to be considered more in the painting process. Aside from that, you may call the best auto detailing oceanside when you can’t paint your car by yourself.

Actually, the striped car body paints such as fuel cap panels and car body are easy to handle problems, but it is very rare to pay attention when the painting process is not even a little dismal. In order to look the same between the new paint and original paint, it becomes a challenge for paint repair shops.

Some Causes of Striped Car Paint

The paint produced certainly cannot be 100% the same as the manufacturer’s original color. The cause of the paint looks striped is no other than the painting process in the manufacturer using robotics and automatic and the paint material used is also much better and quality. The condition of the painting room is also more sterile than dust and foreign objects.

Conditions like this that require the car body painter to be more thorough, and continue to hone the ability to paint it. Do not until the process of painting has finished the body of the car looks streaked and uncomfortable to see. It’s because this is very unsatisfying for consumers and needs a lot of time, effort, mind and added to improve the results of striped body paint. The most influential things are the type of paint and different paint quality. Then, a number of other causes that make the car paint the striped the process of painting is incorrect.

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