These Are Some Ways To Protect Your Child From The Danger Of Electricity

The danger of electrocution can also be minimized by installing a special device to close the access socket and the plug that is being installed. With this tool, your little one cannot carelessly pull out the plug from the socket. In the meantime, you may call the trusted ls electrician when your electrical installation at home is broken.

In addition, you can also close the electrical terminal access. Generally, parents place electrical terminals on the floor or on a table that is easily accessible to children. You realize it or not, careless terminal placement can invite harm to your child if he plays a cable or terminal hole. For this reason, you must immediately prevent it by using a special tool to close access to the electrical terminal so it is not easy for children to play.

Then, you can also use an electric cable protector. The untidy extension of the power cord will pose a risk of getting caught, falling, electrocuted, even the child can carelessly pull the cable. Use duct cord cover or duct tape to cover/protect the extension of the cable so it is not easily accessible to children.

Then, you can also try using a plug lock. This electrical device also needs extra attention. Immediately secure it by using a special tool to close the plug pin. One of them, you can choose Plug Lock to lock the plug so that it is not plugged into the socket outlet.

 Be careful when using a rolled cable

Roll cables are widely used for simple reasons and have many plug holes. Though this roll cable can also be a source of danger if it is overused and used for a long time.

Place a rolled cable in an area that is difficult for children to access. For example the back of the furniture.

Do not cover the cable section with newspapers, clothing, carpets, or others when using the cable.

If possible, buy a rolled cable whose plug has an outlet cover or a plug cover with masking tape.

Check the rolled cable regularly, if the cable feels hot, makes a sound, you should immediately replace the rolled cable with a new one.

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