Most Australians Support The Legalization Of Medicinal Cannabis

Cannabis is obviously one of the most controversial plants in the world. Aside from being used in drugs, it actually has many benefits for the medical field. That’s why so many people support it to be legalized in their country. Furthermore, pets owner also start using cbd oil pets to treat their pets that suffer from chronic diseases as well.

A poll conducted by Roy Morgan in 2015 found that more than 90 percent of Australians supported the legalization of marijuana for treatment. Through data compiled in the poll, many of the supporters of the legalization of medical marijuana said that they also struggled to gain recognition, in order to get out of the bad image of marijuana users in the past.

The academic director at the Ganja University of Sydney Research Center, McGregor, even stated that there must be an improvement in the perception of marijuana as a drug and its relation to the users of the benefits, as well as the bad stigma that they have often received so far.

“It is very important to realize that you can get medical benefits from cannabinoids without having to feel high,” McGregor said, as quoted by CTV news.

Moreover, McGregor continued, the medical world in Australia has been able to reduce marijuana intended for medical purposes, so patients do not need to be stigmatized by recreational marijuana users, who consume marijuana for relaxation purposes.

“We can really separate the intoxicating recreational effects from the therapeutic effect, and this gives confidence and confidence for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to their patients,” he said

As attitudes and ways of thinking change, this is considered to encourage more research into cannabis plants. In fact, McGregor said he was very optimistic about the potential of cannabis plants that were able to produce extraordinary therapies, for various diseases that are currently very difficult to treat.

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