Jaw Plastic Surgery Is Classified Into Three Types

Jaw plastic surgery is divided into several types based on which jaw you want to repair. Therefore, if you wish to know more about this surgery from an expert, we recommend you to visit Dr William Portuese in Seattle.

Here are some types of plastic surgery for the jaw section:

1. Maxillary Osteotomy

This action is often recommended for people who have a tooth condition where the upper teeth bite the inside of the lower teeth (crossbite), which does not have enough teeth or excess teeth, or the maxilla which shrinks significantly.

Upper jaw surgery is done by cutting the bone under the eye socket until just above the tooth to move the whole upper part of the jaw, it includes the upper part of the teeth and the palate. Then, the doctor will move the maxilla and teeth forward until they are in the right position, which is the position that fits the teeth and lower jaw. After re-aligning the teeth and upper jaw with the lower one, the doctor will place the plate and bolt to hold the upper jaw in a new position. Over time, the plates and bolts will blend with the patient’s bones.

2. Lower Jaw or Mandibular Osteotomy

This action is very necessary for people who experience significant lower jaw shrinkage. In this type of surgery, the doctor will make an incision in the back of the jaw to the lower jaw bone. This method is done so that the front jaw can move in a unit so that it is easy to reposition. Then, the doctor will adjust the jaw to the right position and refute it with a biocompatible screw until healed.

3. Chin surgery

An action known as genioplasty is highly recommended for people who experience severe lower jaw shrinkage. This causes the jaw to not function properly, including talking and eating.

The procedure is for the surgeon to make an incision into the chin bone and align it until it is in the correct and functional position.

Well, that’s about the procedure that you will undergo if you decide to do plastic jaw surgery. If you want to know more about jaw plastic surgery or ask for health advice, don’t hesitate to ask a plastic surgeon in your city.

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