Is Dental Implant Safe?

After going through lengthy tests and research from sharing institutions in various countries Dental Implants are safe. However, you must treat your dental implants well after you install them. The treatment of dental implants is not difficult. It tends to be the same as genuine dental care, which is to brush teeth regularly and keep teeth and mouth clean as usual. If the dental implant is treated and there are no complaints or infections around it, the dental implant can last a lifetime. You may wonder about the benefits of dental implants when you choose the service from Dental Smiles Unlimited. However, you must also ask these following questions and you must get the answer.

Can a dental implant be attached to everyone?

This depends on the condition of the bones in your jaw. The dentist will arrange a number of specific tests to determine the thickness of the bone. If it is not thick enough, this can be overcome by grafting the bone in the part that will be in the implant.

Is the Dental Implant Installation Process Pain?

Dental implant placement is easier than tooth extraction and is done using simple local anesthesia. You will not feel sick at that time, but you may feel discomfort for a week after surgery, and even then you can overcome it with medication that will be given by your dentist if necessary.

How long does treatment last?

The dentist will provide a schedule before treatment begins. Usually, permanent dentures are installed 3 to 4 months after the implant is implanted into the jawbone

Are dental implants difficult to clean?

You can clean the dental implant easily. In general, to clean the dental implant is the same as how to clean ordinary teeth. Care and cleanliness are important if you want a long-lasting implant. The dentist will provide detailed advice on how to treat your implants.

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