Aerial Yoga Has These 5 Benefits For Health

Aerial yoga or anti-gravity yoga is a combination of traditional yoga asanas, acrobatics, and dance moves performed by hanging in the air. The hanging area is usually used like a special long cloth that stretches from top to near the floor. Aerial yoga turns out to have various benefits that yoga does not necessarily have normally. Do you already know what are the benefits of aerial yoga? Just check out its benefits in this article. Aside from that, perhaps you also need to check out a Very good yoga health DVD of great benefits.

Here are the 5 benefits of aerial yoga:

1. Increase the flexibility of the body

Aerial yoga movements provide a lot of freedom to move. You can move your body to new positions. Usually, aerial yoga movements can provide a deeper and more satisfying stretch than traditional types of yoga.

2. Make more focus

By placing yourself in a challenging position (hanging) from yoga usually, aerial yoga forces you to be more alert and focus on the environment around you. This is where you will try to concentrate harder during practice.

3. Strengthens the muscles

In this yoga movement, the force of gravity works harder on your body. Movement in aerial yoga makes the body have to resist harder against gravity. Well, because you have to hold harder, then your muscles will be stronger formed when doing this yoga than usual yoga.

Aerial yoga is also a good exercise for core muscles because all the core muscles are involved to balance and stabilize themselves while hanging on a yoga mattress.

4. Release stress

The benefits of aerial yoga are no less important is to regulate stress. Just like traditional yoga, aerial yoga is great for relieving stress. You don’t just use yoga stretching poses in this exercise, but you also experience excitement because you can do more new and interesting movements different from the usual yoga.

5. As a cardio exercise

In a study conducted by the American Council of Exercise (ACE), it was found that the body’s response after doing sports such as after cycling or swimming, this is like cardio training. The researchers found that in 50 minutes of aerial yoga sessions can burn 320 calories, this is comparable to when you walk.

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